I wasn't going to post this today. But I just had to! I couldn't wait to! I am laughing so hard I can't stand up! Today I got my hair done. It was soooooo time to get it done! And my comedian hairdresser, Michael, puts foils in my hair to give it some highlights. I did this sketch from the mirror while the timer was ticking. Then I sketched dear Michael while he was blow-drying someone else's hair. So, this is me getting foiled, and the other is Michael the Foiler! I'm the cutest, don't you think?? Well..actually, Michael might look pretty good in his red dress. ;)


Oh thank goodness, something brighter! I went back and looked at the previous post and got depressed just looking...thinking how I felt when I drew it....because I had really done it! (Ang, you silly thing...making fun, huh? LOL Geesh, I deserved it!). Decided I need some BRIGHT COLORS in my life today. No food, no indulgence, no depression, no nothing dreadful, just bright happy COLOR! Ahhhhhhh, that feels better.... (Smiling)


This morning I visited Kai's site (linked a little ways below) and read of her fun birthday party and all the good healthy food they had. And it reminded me of this 101 drawing I did awhile ago. Shame on me. I really did eat all that stuff that day. Totally unhealthy and even rude to my body. I promise, I don't usually do this. My dear husband does most of the shopping (his choice) and he makes sure we both eat healthy...many times But that day...sigh....I think I was depressed over some stupid thing and fell back on food. I really did feel like that picture, too, when it was over! Don't enlarge it! Eeeeeeeeeeek!!! It will look more truthful!


I never thought about this, but I know that some of the visitors to this blog must wonder what in the world I keep talking about 101's for? What the devil is that? Ok, here's an explanation. Several other cyperartist friends and myself are doing a self-portrait a day, for 101 days. We draw what we feel; not necessarily a figure, maybe a feeling, or an emotion. Or just something we've done that day. Anything that relates to a day in our lives. After they are all done, we're going to assemble them in some kind of artistic book....and....well, it could be a gift, it could be a coffee table book, it could be anything we want. It will be interesting to look back at 101 days and see what I was doing, feeling, etc. And we are going to post them all on a site such as Flickr, or Picture Trail, one of those, which I have not done yet. (Still waiting for a round tuit! Does anyone have one I can borrow?) Today I posted a drawing reflecting how I feel about my favorite pet. I have a macaw that is bonded to me; she is 13 years old and I have had her since she was an egg. I always kiss my bird!


Today I plan to simply gather my thoughts, stay in my comfort zone, maybe do a little beachcombing after the sun worshipers go home and el sol begins its journey towards nightfall. I "wish" everyone a peaceful day.


Once again here is proof that what goes around comes around. A good thought brings back a good thought, a kindness brings back a kindness, an act of love brings it somehow back to you. Simple cause and effect. I recently sent my cyberfriend Kai ( a mermaid, knowing she has a fondness for same. No other reason; just knew she liked mermaids so I offered one of my paintings "just because". And my friendship offer came back to me the form of this little "wish" book. I had truly forgotten how fun and important wishing really is. I am so pleased Kai, and I thank you! I "wish" you Mermaid days and Neptune nights!


I received this in email today and felt it was too valuable not to post here for many to see. It said: "BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU MAKE A WOMAN CRY, BECAUSE GOD COUNTS HER TEARS. THE WOMAN CAME OUT OF MAN'S RIB, NOT FROM HIS FEET TO BE WALKED ON. NOT FROM HIS HEAD TO BE SUPERIOR, BUT FROM HIS SIDE TO BE EQUAL. UNDER THE ARM TO BE PROTECTED, AND NEXT TO THE HEART TO BE LOVED......" So, whether you are a man or a woman who reads this, be careful who you make cry....your sister, your mother, your lover, your friend. Tears hurt.


Recently I completed a one-on-one trade with Alter_myworld and received this beautiful green-toned heart with golden wings (the other one is the one I made for her. She loves hummingbirds!). The heart says HEART WIDE OPEN. I am so pleased with this 4 x 4. Many times we open our hearts only to be hurt by the openness..which is very painful. Yet, I believe it is good for the soul to have an open heart and to love, and love, and love our fellow much as possible. Thank you Ang, I am so happy to have this.


I am constantly amazed at the wonderful creativity these artists possess; how they can make something gorgeous and desirable out of nothing. (I am still learning how to do this!) These posts are from a "junk mail" swap I participated in. This beautiful picture is from Pam Aries. Who would have ever thought of making an aquarium out of throw-away mail or other recycled items? This is too kewl and I love it. Thank you!!
Here is a two-sided piece of junk art received from Jennie. It's totally bright and colorful and says just the right interesting things. I'm so glad it's endorsed by the SMPOA, else I might be "askeered". Jennie, I LOVE IT!! Thanks...

And finally, a special piece from Mz. Judi Redhead, the facilitator of this swap. An amazing "junk art journal" with lots of journaling inside and out, but I am only showing one side here. I know she sent this becuz I have a macaw and she knows I love birds. This says "Never tease an angry bird!". Well now, don't you think I know that? Don't you think I already have had puffed lips from trying to obtain kisses from an obstinate bird. DO YOU THINK I DONT KNOW THAT??? LOL I just feel sorry for the poor backyard birds that you pulled these tailfeathers from, Mz. Redhead! LOL Geesh, this is all such wonderful art! Thanks Everyone!!!


I have not always danced. At times I sat on the sidelines and watched other life dancers whirl by. But I think I have learned that it is much better to whirl around and feel the emotions of life than sit back and watch others absorb it all. I think this realization comes with age and maturity. Of course when I was very young, I would literally "dance the night away". But I didn't see life as it is, and for awhile, when I did, I sat just back and observed. But now I am back into the dance and much the better for it. Today I awoke happy. I think it was a bird trilling outside my window that caused it. Songbird music is such a beautiful incentive for the soul to feel good.. Today I wish everyone a swirling, leaping, joyous, songbird-filled day. Catch the clouds!


Since today is Violette's birthday I am posting a little face I did a few days ago that was inspired by her mannikin posted in her blog section. Mannikin's never change. They don't grow old, they gon't get wrinkles, they don't have menopause or get divorced or abused or have to get up and go to work in the rain. They never worry about where the next meal is coming from for the children. They don't feel pain or the heartache of tears. And when their time is over, they find a final resting place in a dumpster (which doesn't matter to them), or in some artist's studio covered with mosaic. It seems nice, but then, if we all could stay young and beautiful like a mannikin, the world would be a kind of boring place.


I may not always agree with everything my government says and does, and I truly hate war, but I always love my country no matter what. What better 101 Portrait for today then a picture of the flag I so adore and honor.


I had it in my mind today that I was going to talk about living and dying, since yesterday I went to a beautiful memorial service for someone I used to work for, and out of my window today I can see a baby mocking bird just starting life and crying for its mom who is wearing herself out feeding it. But my thoughts are more immediate now, because we are under a Hurricane watch, and it looks like Alberto is heading directly for us. Hoping it slows down and dies out, but the Gulf waters are still warm, and warm waters feed the storm. Emergency agencies are already handing out sandbags and some neighboring counties are evacuating. Thankfully Alberto is, and hopefully stays, relatively small. It is definitely not a Katrina. Can't be. It's too close now to build that much power. Um...altho I sometimes don't exactly trust Mother Nature!


This says it all I guess. It's the way my day has been going.....Sigh......


.....COMES AROUND. I am a firm believer in that. And this little story is proof! Awhile ago I sent a cyberfriend a 4 x 4 (not created by me) I thought she would like to have, and SHOULD have. And this lovely person (I won't name her becuz I didn't ask first, but I'll just call her that Redheaded Lady..heh heh) .......was supposed to send me a 4 x 4 in return. Instead, because the one I sent her was so special to her, she not only made me a wonderful 4 x 4 which I LOVE, but she sent me a whole SURPRISE box full of goodies pictured below. It is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me....especially coming from one whom I have never met except in cyberland. I feel lucky, I feel appreciated, and I am certainly blessed to have such a good person cross my life's path.

.....the box that came in the mail was overflowing with wonderful goodies! There was fabric and sticker flowers and sticker words and rose petals and more stick on stuff and ribbon pieces and a glitter pen and too, too many fabulous things to use in my artwork. And, a wonderful little teapot that I can use to make "just enough" tea when I need to relax and think about more art. :) AND.........................

..and here, the piece de resistance (well, I'm not French, so I know I didn't spell that correctly, but you know what I mean!)...a red cd case embellished with all things beachy. Flip Flops, a drink, sunglasses, a bikini (yeah, right!) a towel and even waves. But, isn't over yet...
Surprise! Open the case and it contains a beautiful piece of 4 X 4 art!

A closeup of the perfectly wonderful 4 X 4 full of glitter and flashy embellishments! I love it! ...and the circle is complete.


These pictures are of my two granddaughters, Kara and Lindy. (Their mothers are twins). Kara is age 11 and has Gluteric Aciduria. a severe metabolic disorder. She is extremely challenged, much loved, a little beauty, and the apple of her mom's eye! Lindy (in the hat) is 6 and has Down Syndrome. She is learning to talk very well now, and we have found out the Oscar Mayer Company is doing another kidsong commercial with the Wienermobile. Lindy's mom is going to try to teach her the song, and to sign along with it. She knows some sign language already. Maybe she will get to be on tv!!! Kara has already been on tv. She was featured in a short segment about the school/daycare she used to attend in Las Vegas. Ohhh, my bologna has a first name, it's Oscarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Or maybe it's the wiener song. What do I know? ;)