Blogger did let me load these two Micron line drawings. One is called The Pagoda, and one is called Happy Hour. Had to post them small. Anyhow, enuff of the black and white. I need COLOR! I am working on Miss Wildflower, so named simply becuz of her many colors. She has no flowers....yet! She is inspired by a magazine model from the beauty salon. Speaking of...remember Michael the Foiler from a previoius post? His partner is an EMT, and is now in training for Bayflight. I think that is sooooo exciting, but Michael is all eyore because he is afraid his partner is going to get killed in a helicopter crash. Gosh, by the time I left the shop, I was all eyore and worried about him too. Geesh! Anyhow, today if the rain holds off we are going to the John's Pass Seafood Festival, an outdoor arts and crafts festival. John's Pass is so named because it was formed many years ago by a hurricane, which formed a passthru between the Gulf and the Intracoastal Waterway. I don't know who John is tho! But there are lots of quaint shops there (tourist attractions) and every year they have a festival dedicated to fishermen lost at sea. I'll try to get some pics. I'll be back when I get Missy Wildflower done. Have a super dooper day!!! Oh, and THANKS for the encouraging comments on my previous post. It's the incentive I receive from you guys that keeps me posting. xoxoxo


After the conversation at Violettes I decided to post some of my line drawings that I have done with the wonderful MICRON pens. However, Blogger would only let me post one, so, oh well, anyway, here's one. It was done totally with Micron, mostly .05, and the red was done with Micron Brush Tip, which are getting harder and harder to find. Original is about 11 X 14 but I had to make it smaller for Mr. Blogger. It's called LIFE AFTER DESTRUCTION. Later..........................


Look in the mirror. This is what happens when there is no color in your life. CREATE WITH COLOR AND BRING A SMILE TO YOUR FACE! Me?....I'm off to the beauty salon. Boy, do I NEED the beauty salon today! Whew!


I got my movie ATC's today and I love them all. Howard's End from Daisy, Lord of the Rings - Trilogy from Kate, and Chocolat from Lisa O. They are all beautiful and I am excited and pleased to have them to add to my growing collection! Thanx everyone! And Ms. Redhead, your little extra treasures are soooooo appreciated!


This is my one-minute challenge by Pamalalala. OOOPS! With an E. Anyway, 60 seconds for the drawing, 15 seconds for the color. I found my greatest problem was mind-freeze, so I probably wasted 10 seconds along the way. Hmmmm, just think what 10 more seconds could have done!


I promise, I am not going to preach politics. Not ever. But...this morning I read an interesting poll on AOL. Senator Barak Obama (D.Ill) is apparently considering running for President in 2008, even tho just last week on Oprah he said he was not. In the poll, he beat out Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Bill Frist, Rudy Guiliani (that one was close), John Kerry, and John McCain. He has only been a senator for two years. I am wondering if anyone has read any of his books and what you think of him? I personally like his views but am not sure he is experienced enough. He almost reminds me of President Carter.....very easy going.....a tiny bit naive. Definitely a far cry from our present war monger. Any clues? I promise, tomorrow back to art.


Sigh, I'm just a Whimsey Girl, like her.


Yes, I used to be a Trekkie (that was easy), but I have never been able to be a Tekkie. My computer does it's own thing, without me! I finally downloaded Firefox, expected great things, and.........??? The only thing I noticed is when I came to blogger via Mr. Mozilla, I finally had my profile up top where it belongs (after ALL this time!!!), but I lost my Glitter Power Sisters. So I came back via IE 'cuz I like the sisters! Anyhow, maybe tomorrow I will check it out more. Yes, I'll do it tomorrow. Me 'n Mz. Scarlett.


A few people were going to take Violettes www.violettesfolkart.com lady and do their own version of it. This is mine. It sure looks different! I know, I know, my hand wobbled a bit at the chin, but that's V's lady.

I did add my profile picture, finally. It's a small painting I commissioned from Violette, and I am very pleased with it. Now I am a REAL parrothead!!! Gotta go to work. Have a creative day!!!


I was reading Lila's blog www.indigopears.blogspot.com about her trip through the western states and her comment about how one could find beauty in the ordinary, and it reminded me of my trip from Las Vegas to Florida with my daughter a couple of years ago. The old Rte 66 thru Arizona and New Mexico is filled with these rock formations, mile after mile and it did become "old" after hours of traveling. However, we took some magical pictures, enjoyed the beauty of the "painted desert" with its hues of purple and red and yellow, and my daughter later did a pastel she called "Road To City Lights", using the photo here for inspiration. It's much more colorful than it shows here...you can see the sparkly colored lights in the distance. I personally think it's beautiful and wish she would paint more, but she's into the computer stuff.

Did you see the pics of the snow in Buffalo? OMG...even tho I would enjoy a slight "change of seasons", right now I am glad I live in the sub-tropics. Brrrrrrrr!!!

I'll be at the Art Center today manning the desk because it's Open House and there is a festival going on across the street, so we'll get lotsa people, and I won't have any computer time til this evening or tomorrow ...maybe. Have a creative weekend! :)


I have children living at home. They are a macaw, two keets and a doxie. The keets are lovely little things that spend the day singing and kissing each other. The macaw and the doxie spend the day antagonizing each other. Macaw is always defending her "territory", a corner of the kitchen, and Roxie the doxie is always trying to steal her dropped food scraps. Macaw hates this. She comes down her ladder really fast, wings out, head feathers in war mode, giant beak open, and attacks Roxie. Of course Roxie thinks this is a game, so she lunges at her, again, and again, and again, lunge and run, lunge and run, not too close, tail wagging. And the "fight" continues. Then Macaw starts tearing up her papers, to show authority. "This is MY house, GET AWAY or I will do to you what I am doing to this paper!" (She could, too!) Only that means mom has to clean up shreds and shreds of papers and shredded seeds and nuts that scatter everywhere! And so the day goes on with little patches of sleep here and there by both antagonists. At times when Roxie sleeps, Macaw climbs silently down her ladder, sneaks slowly up to sleeping dog, and pecks her butt! This starts the fight all over again. Hopefully, in a few days, the Macaw mating urge will be over, and she will not care if dog comes near her territory. Oh, I know! It must be the moon's phases, don't you think?


Geesh, this morning I thought it was all in the past. I mean the failure thingy. And I got my morning coffee and went back into my sanctuary bedroom to enjoy it, and when I got ready for the first sip THERE WAS A FLY IN IT!! What, is this my immediate Karma? Come on Karma Gods, it wasn't THAT bad of a failure. I just forgot to turn off the sprinkler until long after the water police could have caught (and fined) us. (Yes, we DO have water police!) But really, a FLY in my coffee? Well, it was just a little fly, I think it was a LARGE fruit fly, not one of those big fat, juicy, ugly buzzing things. It had multiple delicate lacy thin wings and I felt kind of bad for it, floating around in the hot java, its little legs curled all up. But I was psyched and had to pour it out. A FLY?? What kind of punishment is that?


Has this ever happened to you? And he even called to thank me for doing it. I am looking for a hole to crawl into. Eyore!!!


I wouldn't wear this hat, not even to tea! :)


Harvest Moon, Gulf Coast Florida, 5:41 a.m. October 6, 2006

Harvest Moon peeking thru palm fronds.

Harvest Moon auto-enhanced by computer. Thought it made an interesting picture.
A Great Egret that hangs around begging for food.


For several years..YEARS...I have been a dedicated Survivor watcher. Even tho I know it isn't true reality, it has always been an entertaining show for me, and I would go out of my way to never miss a Thursday evening show, even to the point of turning off my cell so no one could call during that hour. Last night, the addiction came to a screeching halt. If you watch, you will have seen one of the cast members shimmy up a tree and poke a stick under a Booby nest and upset it. The mother bird was screeching in absolute terror, and the large nest came crashing down, with a JUST HATCHED baby bird in it. To the credit of some of the cast, they insisted this dorky idiot who did this foul deed put the nest back, and he did, but it was not in the same place nor was it secure as the mother bird had made it. And who knows if the baby was hurt? They never looked in the thick bushes where the nest fell to see if there might be another baby. Shame on CBS for allowing this despicable act to occur while their cameras were rolling. Surely they cannot believe that the torture of a wild animal will increase their ratings. I am not a true animal "activist", but I do contribute to and assist the Humane Society of U.S. in their fight against the torture of animals and for the humane treatment of same. I have already emailed CBS to let them know they have lost a long-time Survivor supporter. I will never watch it again!

This morning before dawn I took a picture of the Harvest Moon. I will try to post it later, when I get back from the lab where I have to let them take my blood! I find it odd that my doctor's office seems to always schedule an appointment for bloodwork right at Halloween time...hmmmmmmm?????


I was looking for Madame Sylvia in the attic, but all I found was a broken doll with these SIMPLE THINGS. Well, what can I expect. Wrong attic!

The other collage is called Olde Tyme. It was done on hand-made paper made by Pam Aries. Does everyone name all their artwork, even small collages and ATC's? I do. I have to. It doesn't feel complete unless it has a name. Have a creative evening and day tomorrow.


Recently I read an article - I think by Tracy Bautista - about covering a support in anything that pops into your head, no planning, then cutting it up and using pieces in your collage or other artwork. I did that on wc paper, just smished around some color, wrote stuff that popped into my head, glittered and played until the paper was covered. I cut a piece and glued it to my journal cover. I'll use another piece for the back. A little mod-podge and it makes a colorful journal cover that calls to me to write and draw and paint.


At my second part time job, I only have to answer the phone and smile at visitors as they pass by to visit their family. So I have time on my hands. One night last week I took my journal intending to write, but instead I did this collage. There were magazines on the lobby tables, scissors and markers and glue stick in the drawer, so what else did I need? It sure made the time pass quickly. And no, I don't feel guilty doing this on "company time". They encourage you to "bring a book" so I did. Amazing what one can do with so few materials, and "time on your hands".


This little collage I did this morning is called "Inside Out".I guess I will prolly see ya Tuesday becuz I have to work tomorrow. Gotta go. I'm watching a sorta scary movie on Lifetime TV. Keep creating!