Check over at (Ang on my sidebar), and see the wonderful challenge she has issued. It's a Pay It Forward like Oprah did. It's a good thing!!!


This doll is one of the "spirit" dolls I make. I call them Beadlocks. Not much else to say about it except...well...there it is! LOL The other picture is a drawing (pencil and pastel) I am doing that I MAY put in a holiday show at the art center. Thinking about it. Would you believe that I lip... at a loss for words right now? Hmmmmmm must be the stars again! Directing my life... But I WAS just thinking how fun it is to have cyberfriends not only all over the U.S., but also in Canada, Australia, Finland, England, Scotland, anywhere.


This is "The Basket Weaver". I am a little disappointed in it and I think it's because I used a 01 Micron instead of 05. I usually use 05 and I believe it would have come out darker. Changing the resolution didnt seem to help. Oh well, lesson learned. Man, he had better get himself out of there before he disappears!

As to FRESH BLOOD, there was some on the sidewalk this morning alongside the garage. We have an owl in the neighborhood; sometimes you can hear him hoot after it gets dark. He spends quite a bit of time in our huge camphor tree. Occasionally we find fresh blood on the sidewalk, and it's right below a large knob in the tree. Guess that's his "plate".

Feel Peace in your soul. See you Tuesday, if the good Lord is willing and the creek don't rise! :)


I saw this bumper sticker and thought it was more than cute! And probably true! Today I went to an Arts & Crafts show sponsored by the Florida Craftsman Gallery. It was stupendous! The best of the best! Pottery, Glass, Weaving, Woodwork, girl was there from Petaluma, CA selling her necklaces for $27,000, that's right, THOUSAND...needless to say I didn't buy one. Nope, not even one! But they sure were beautiful.

Right now I'm weaving a basket. If I get it finished, I'll post it tomorrow.

Gee, did you get invited to the wedding? I didn't! :) Have a great, creative weekend everyone. Peace and love.


Yesterday was a fine day. The weather was wonderful...sunshine...breezy...mid 70's. Kind of sub-tropic day you want to be outdoors all day long. And I was mostly. I went out just to shop around and be by myself. I stopped in a little Boutique called ACROSS THE POND and found a small gold evening bag just right for the holidays! It was only five bucks! FIVE!!! :) Then I stopped at THE COFFEE MILL, a small store packed full of goodies, holiday goodies right now, and I probably stayed there for 40 minutes just taking in all the eye candy and smelling all the coffees and teas and specialty candies. They have a small "candy counter" sort of like a candy deli, and I picked out one chocolate-covered honeycomb crunch and one espresso truffle, just for ME!! I wanted a dozen of each, but fortunately I have pretty good will power! I purchased a couple of Christmas items, then I toodled on down the street to a little shop called THE FUNKY MONKEY. Nice things, but way too expensive. Smelled good in there though. Then I went to a tiny little shop called DECOR AMOUR (remember NEEDFUL THINGS? Yeah, a shop like that!). They have really nice vintage and estate items. The owner is going into her third year of business and I am so happy because I love to shop there. Last year I bought a wall mirror, one of those curvy things from the 70's that is actually plastic and colored a baked-on gold. Ick. I got it for $13 bucks, brought it home and gold-leafed it. It looks now like it came from a castle in the Rennaissance era. Love it! But yesterday...looky looky what I found! Mr. Moon surrounded by stars, and the mirror part is rounded like those mirrors used for security, so it picks up everything in the room. I feel soooooooooo lucky!!! Twenty bucks!! I love it!!! It was a wonderful afternoon, then I came home and heard some tippy tapping in the bathroom. And there was Ms. Wee, hopping around in the tub like a bunny rabbit. I tried to get pics but she huffed all up and tried to attack the faucet. So here is a pic of her thru the gauzy shower can just barely see her, and another attacking the faucet. She is such a terrorist!


Freedom comes at a price. Thank you Veterans, for all you do, and all you have done. God Bless America.




Lately, there have been really nice people touching my life. I feel really lucky, so I'm sharing some pictures relating to these nice people. THE POTTERY was hand-made just for me by the instructor, Jane, where I work part time. She was soooo sweet to do this. One is a pinch pot that holds essential oils and a tea candle. Sure makes my house smell wonderful. The other she gave me yesterday. Story behind it.......Some time ago I found this HUGE leaf in my yard. It must have blown there from somewhere, because my yard only has a variety of palms and a huge camphor tree (small leaves). The leaf was so big I had to save it, and I put it between two books and dried it. One day I took it to Jane, thinking she could use it for a pattern on some of her pottery. Yesterday, she brought this leaf pottery to me as a gift, made from a pattern of that very leaf I found in my yard. The back of it has a container that can hold water and fresh greenery, or silk. It can hang on the wall. I LOVE it, thank you Jane!! You are a "nice" person! THE EARRINGS....well, there is this sweet lady who works at the grocery store we use, and she knows I love Macaws. She was wearing these yesterday when my dh was at the store, he admired her earrings, and she took them off and sent them to me! (Some time ago I gave her a pair of earrings I had because she really likes BIG dangly earrings). So, this has come back to me, thru another "nice" person. I now have a small collection (of 3) Macaw earrings. One given to me some time ago by GPS Pamalatomatohead (grin), and another pair of Macaws that are wearing purple sombreros. I love my Macaws! And now THE HEART ... This is on the front of a hand made card sent to me by our own GPS GEMMA! The heart is woven of paper, fabric, trim, and a shiny, glittery thing in the middle. It's beautiful, and I've added this wonderful piece of art to my journal. Thanks Gemma, another "nice" person. And one more thing.....I received a "thank you" card in the mail recently (not pictured) by another sweet little Greek lady "Anastasia". She loved my Halloween spider errings, so I took them off and gave them to her. How could I not? She is adorable! So you can see that lately I have been surrounded by "nice", and I am truly grateful. Lucky me! Maybe I should check the stars???


It is rather chilly today, for Florida! The high is only going to be me that's brrrrrr. And it's windy. It finally makes me feel a little like Fall.

Last week I noticed that where our glittery Ms. GroggyFroggy lives is very similar to this painting I did a couple of years ago. (See her post where her man is taking off on his motorcycle or the background to her halloween pics, if you can make it past her gorgeous artwork!) We have friends that live in the same area, and they had a picture of the road leading to their home. This is a painting of that picture. I am posting it because it is definitely a FALL painting!!! There isn't much "Fall" about Florida. This painting, titled The Road Home, is Virginia.

Today I'm going to Art Harvest with some friends, an outdoor arts and crafts festival with over 200 artists exhibiting. Should be good. Last's week's visit to the Seafood Festival did not produce any good pictures. The festival was kinda blah......Hug yourself! You deserve it!


Out with the black and white! Down with the dark and scary! Time to put COLOR back in my life! Introducing Miss Wildflower, so named simply because of her wild and wonderful colors. Whew, I needed that!!! :)