I spent my holiday weekend drawing and painting. Here are the results.

"ATTITUDE" pastel on paper
"LADY OF THE SUN II" acrylic on canvas board

"Untitled" pastel on paper - Can you help me out with a name suggestion? This is my first horse. Edit: The horse has a name. "SPIRIT" I like it! Thanks Gemma

"THE SOPHISTICATE" acrylic on paper

*****MORE ART*****

Three juicy ATC's I received in the mail last week from a swap with Maryellen. These are not collaged, but hand-drawn art. THANKS Maryellen!




".........that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion...that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain" Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg, PA, November 19, 1863


When I was a child, my most favorite toy, along with my plastic horses, was an inexpensive cardboard kaleidoscope! It had pieces of brightly colored glass in the end, and you could hear them rattle around as you turned this cardboard tube that was painted in busy colors like a circus tent. I would sit, stand, lie down for hours, staring and turning and trying so hard to get the same pattern twice, to no avail. It was amazing to me that there could be such wonderful colors and shapes crammed into this little round tube. Today, I have seen hand made kaleidoscopes at art and craft shows that are large and made of brass and glass and are very fancy. I covet them! But alas, they are a little out of my budget for a "toy", so I just remember my wonderful childhood, cardboard kaleidoscope that brought me so much joy. Perhaps that is why I started painting at an early age. The colors and shapes just drew me in.

A couple of years ago DH bought me a small, carved wood kaleidoscope - the one pictured below. It does not rattle and shake. It does not have bright glass pieces trapped inside it. Instead, it simply has a rounded glass at the end and some kind of cuts and shapes on the inside of that glass. The bright colors are there when you point it at bright things. It distorts shapes and brings them together to make wonderful designs.....almost as wonderful as the childhood type. Only, these you can identify if you look closely.

The person who most closely, and first, identified the contest picture is DAISY!!!! Yes Daisy, it is looking through this small kaleidoscope with my camera lens, looking outside through a window. The greenery you see is distorted palms, plumbagos, and white birds. The segmented part is the underside of my awning. It turned the awning sideways, upside down and inside out, and gave it a shape with many sides. Congrats, Ms. Daisygirl. I will email you.

Thanks everyone who played this short, fun game with me. I thought I was so clever and it would be hard, but you guys are just too smart for me. Several people came very close, but I think Daisy was the closest and of course the first. I am going to be posting more kaleidoscope designs in the future, with more color, because I just think they are so beautiful. And of course, I'm easily amused!

Have a SAFE and happy Memorial Day weekend. See ya next week!


Our dear MOTHER NATURE has been very kind to me. Even with the drought we are having, and much lack of water, she has rewarded me for the hand watering I have been doing to my gardenia bush. After it initially dropped many buds, suddenly it bloomed with a white fury, flower after flower after flower. It's so beautiful, and when I bring one in, it makes the entire house smell lovely. Thank you Mother Nature!

Now here is a short story you will probably get a kick out of. Yesterday DH and I got very angry at each other. Well, you know, sometimes that biggie. But I was all huffy, so I went out and while I was out I decided to get my nails done. I am usually very laid back with soft colors that do not draw attention to my not- so- lovely hands. But yesterday I was in a .....I'LL SHOW YOU!!!!!! .....mood, so I got the wildest color I could find on the rack. It's a NEON PINK! It practically glows in the dark! LOLOL Oh sure, "I'll show you, all right" You know what DH said when I went home? He said "I like your nails." GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!


SURPRISE!!! Just for fun, I have decided to have a little contest. The FIRST PERSON TO POST WHAT THIS IS wins the prize shown below. All you have to do is say what it is! That's all! No tricks. There is only one contest rule. You must have a working blog. Not just a profile page. A working blog! That's it! No other rules. So, here's a couple of hints: It is NOT something I drew. It IS something I photographed. LOL Have fun!

WHAT AM I??? is the prize! One of these dichroic glass pendants, your choice which one. I will put a finding on it like the one shown in the middle, and it will have a black hemp string attached so you can wear like that, or you can switch with your own jewelry cord or beads, or whatever. These are much prettier in real life than the picture shows.

I have to work tomorrow and I think Friday morning, so I'll be back late Friday afternoon or evening to announce the winner! Good Luck, my friends!


Since I am such a birdie person, I looked around my house to see how many birds live with me. Not counting the three live ones, here are some crazy pictures I took, so you can see how weird I really am!!

Encased within this seamless, acrylic block are the images of two filigree parrots. I am intrigued as to how this was done. Sorry about the junk around the subject, I forgot to edit it out before I posted. I had to put it in a window so it could be seen by the camera.

Redbird sitting on the fake ficus.

This caged darling is called a Tokyo songbird. It's actually a chirping bird music box that I hung on the wall in front of some branches and bead. This bird sings a wild and crazy song. Made in Japan!

Detail of a pastel toucan I did. The painting has three toucans in it; other two are larger.

Detail of a pastel great egret I painted. Sorry about the flash on glass!

A glitzy fake bird hanging out on the moon mirror in the spare bedroom.

A mother and babies swan creation I purchased at an arts and craft festival. This is not a painting. All those feathers are tiny slivers of wood glued into a bird shape. The grassy island is wood chips. They are all dyed before being adhered to a wood panel. The only painting is the water, which is acrylic, and any shading which is done to complete the work. Amazing, huh?

A little one on the eucalyptis in the loo!

A 4x4 crow from guess who!!!

Ms. Glitterbird from Pamalala!

My treasured wired, mosaic tile and beaded flamingo pair.

A little pink bird on a mosaic birdhouse I did.

Collection of miniature glass and crystal birds. A glass rooster, a glass pelican, a crystal pelican, a glass penguin, a crystal penguin, and a glass peacock.

A whitewashed wood pelican with a fish in his mouth.

A parrot mobile that hangs in my kitchen!

A suiboko painting of a pigeon, done by Horoko Borish, a Sumi-e instructor at the art center.

A poem about crows and jays that hangs on the wall by my computer. Sent to me by PamAries.

Small "yard sale" collection of ceramic swans.

This little pelican hangs on the edge of my computer.

And of course my favorite SONG of all time....Skynnard's FREEBIRD...." 'Cause I'm as free as a bird now,...and this bird you'll never change...Lord help me I can't change."

Update Wednesday 5/23.....I got a postcard in the mail from Kate in Montana with a GREAT BLUE HERON on the front!

And a 3 for 3 trade I just did (which I will post at a later date), I received a drawing of an EAGLE landing. See? I could probably find more if I looked harder. :)

ROXANNNNNNNE.....You don't have to put the red light........

..........out tonight, because mommy and daddy will feed you, and let you sleep on a Temperpedic, and cover you up with your blankie, and share the pillow with your little furry head....OMG what a spoiled dog! I have a friend who paints wonderful portraits of people and dogs. She did this for me of my little spoiled Roxie Doxie.


This is my granddaughter Lindy. She got to go for a plane ride all by herself, meaning without mom. You can tell by her happy little face that she loved it! She is posing with the pilot, who does this for free for special children. God Bless him!

The rains are starting. Some sporadic showers across south and central Florida helps with the smoke. North Florida is where the rains are most needed for the fires although we need it everywhere for the drought. Read today that big one is 50% contained. Yes! UGOFIREFIGHTERS!!! Thanks to all who did their rain dances!!!

Today, I am working on some ATC's for a swap I am doing. So, as Ang says......Art On!!!!!


This is just one of the wildfires burning now. This one is in the Osceola National Forest. It started in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. It has burned more than 200,000 acres across northern Florida and southern Georgia. Pray for rain. Photo source St. Petersburg Times


A person named Tenneva Jordan is credited with the saying

"A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie"

Not me! I love pie! I'll figure out a way to divide those four pieces into six! Or I'll get one of my kids aside and say "How about you and me SHARING this piece cuz' there's only enough for four". Then the TWO of us will announce to the others that we don't care for any pie today, because by now of course there is only enough for three. And we both have a little secret.

I LOVE PIE, AND I'LL FIGHT FOR MY PIECE OF THE PIE! That's the kind of mom I am.

HAPPY JUICY, SUNSHINY, PEACEFUL DAY TO ALL MOMS AND NON-MOMS ALIKE! Got a doggie, a kitty, a teddy bear that you nurture and care for? Then you're a mom too!


A LITTLE ABOUT TURKEY VULTURES Information Source: Timely Topics, Pinellas County Extension, Jeanne Murphy, Park Naturalist

He feasts on oozing roadkill! He voids on himself to stay cool. He purges when threatened. But even with all the ick, the turkey vulture is a necessary part of our environment and a wonderous invention of Mother Nature. A large cavity nester with a 67 inch wingspan, he is intelligent and beautiful. Well, sure he is.

No head feathers? A bald head keeps the adult vulture cleaner and healthier than if it had fluffy feathers collecting squishy, dead animal remains during every mealtime head dunk! Considering the time spent with its nares shoved in stinky body cavities, you'd think the turkey vulture wouldn't have an acute sense of smell. Not so! The vulture's sense of smell is critical to its survival. While soaring up there in the pretty blue sky, the vulture can smell those tender whiffs of decay and thus find it's yummy food. Their feet are not strong enough to fly away with their roadkill, so it eats its dinner right there along the roadside, right where you can watch him dine, if you are so inclined. But don't get too close! If they feel threatened, they may regurgitate their decaying stomach contents as a deterrent. That could be a memorable lesson in sight, sound, and smell to those who tread too close to a vulture.

Turkey vultures help keep our environment healthy by ingesting enormous amounts of dead animals. Some cultures considered it as a spiritual messenger. Although we usually view them as unattractive with unappealing food preferences, the turkey vulture in reality is an intelligent, unique, social animal with strong survival skills. It should be appreciated for its food web niche, even if it does feast with flies!

If you'd like to know more about this amazing animal, and other vultures, check out the Vulture Society (yes, there is one!) website at


This house is only four houses away down the street. I can barely see it. The tree line is almost invisible. The smoke is everywhere again today. There are 236 wildfires burning in Florida today. God Bless the firefighters and keep them safe!


I have been making dichroic pendants...and more pendants...and a few more! Now I have to put the findings on and string them. Some will have wire wrap. Some will have beads hanging. Hmmm, we'll see what happens. What comes out of the kiln is never exactly what you put in! Always a surprise!

FLORIDA IS BURNING .. and a bright spot...Sweet Art!

One of my favorite times of the day is early morning, when the air is crisp and clean from the restful night, when the exhaust from busy streets has settled, and you can breathe a deep breath of clean air. Not so today. The sunrise to the east was blocked by gray haze from settling smoke. Now, an hour or so later, the heat has pushed the smoke downward more and everywhere you look is grey and smokey. The air smells heavy of burning and is so thick it stings your nostrils, even tho the fires are miles away from here. Its dreadfully sad. There are wildfires all over Florida now, most of them having been started by lightening. Even tho we are in a drought, we still get lightening, and nothing can prevent it. It is so important now to be extra careful with matches and such, and of course there are bans on burning everywhere. In the yard, the poor grass is crispy when you walk on it, sounding like the crunch of fall leaves because we have been on water restrictions for several weeks. My copper tree is dying, the surinam cherries have stopped producing and are withered. Even the hardy sheffelera has yellow leaves dropping. The gardenia has dropped her buds, unopened. Even the dog doesn't want to step in the grass, because it pricks her little, tender paws. I will not put my birds out on the porch today, because the heavy, smoke-laden air will not be good for their tiny respiratory systems. And the rainy season is still weeks away!

THE STORY OF SMOKEY: Many of you of course already know this story, but I'll tell it again. In 1950 a careless person started the terrible Capitan Gap wildfire in the Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico. There were some firefighters that had to lay down and put wet handkerchiefs over their faces, and let the fire burn over them because they were trapped. They were extremely lucky to escape with their lives. They found a baby black bear cub, burnt and clinging to a burned tree. His mother was missing. The firefighters ultimately took him to a vet who saved his life, and he went to live at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. He became the most popular exhibit at the zoo. He passed away in 1975, and another Smokey took his place. But his story, and his picture, lives on, reminding people all over the world of the dangers of wildfires. Smokey was the first individual animal to be honored on a postage stamp.

And let's don't ever, ever forget our brave firefighters!


The eye-pleasing ATC from Mz. Katespin. This is just plain nice to have and I am totally happy with it. I wasn't even aware Frida was ever a USA postage stamp. Thanks Kate, for your delightful art and for enlightening me about the stamp.

And...the Frida 4x4 -back and front- showing the delightful art of Mz. Tinker. Tinker has her own recognizable style, and I knew it was hers even before I read the signature. It's wonderful Tinker and I'm so pleased to have it. You are one talented lady!

I think Frida had made a side trip to Mexico to hunt for her Diego, but she is here now with me, and I will keep her safe.

And last but never least, the star of the show...MZ. ATC made specially for me from Mz. Pamalalalalahead. What a beauty Queen! She looks like she is in her dressing room getting ready for her star performance. Thank you Mz. Pam. I love it!!!!! What a sweet surprise! And the message on this ATC is my message for all of you today! :)


Well now, I did the heat thingy and it just didn't seem to work well. I put my iron on silk, which is low heat, but it didn't work with just 2 or 3 seconds like all the instructions I've been reading say. I had to do it 3 or 4 times, and it finally flattened out, but it never stuck together good enough to hold it and cut a shape. So I glued it with clear gesso to this pink bristol. Not happy with that. Then I put mod podge on half of it just to see what it did. What it did was....the mod podge took FOREVER to dry, which is not like mod podge. But it at least did not dull the sparkle (which BTW does not show too well in the pics). Then I cut out this little bird. It doesn't do anything for me. I know I must be doing something wrong because all I read says this stuff is WONDERFUL!!! It is???? Well, maybe when DUH here gets the hang of it. Or maybe....some GG's might be finding some of this stuff in guerilla mail to experiment with. Heh Heh. I kind of like pen and ink and paintbrushes better!