This wonderful foiled, glittered, ribboned, colored ATC is from Ang. It's part of the "little blue book" filler and the little blue book is almost full! I love this bright, colorful ATC. The other object is one of her scrabble tile pendants, which she has artfully colored and added beads. It's lovely and it was a complete surprise. THANK YOU SO MUCH ANG, tho I know you prolly won't read this becuz you are on vacation having too much fun! But at least I got to brag a little!

Normally I would have enhanced this picture to show the pendant better because it has a delicate flower design, but my computer is ACTING UP!!! My pictures go somewhere I DON'T put them and can't find them, my broadband acts like dialup, and a lot of other things are not working properly. It's time to get rid of XP and get Vista or something and a NEW COMPUTER (Universe, are you listening)?This one is five years old now, and I think in computer years that's jurassic. Hmmmmm, maybe on my trip next week to CC I can gamble enough winnings to get a new one! If only, if only, I don't get greedy and LOSE IT ALL BACK TRYING TO GET MORE MORE MORE!

Well, I'll seeya later if the creek don't rise and this machine I'm illiterate about cooperates! :) Help......I'm being swallowed by a Vivitron!


Uh, huh! This morning I posted a rose I was working on. But I hated it. It's gone. It's in the TRASH!!! Yes, that felt good. So......I'm a clown. So what. It feels better than a rose.


A very special friend, Betsy, painted this pot of geraniums just for me. It's done in oil on canvas, 16X20, on gallery wrap. I feel so special. I know, I know, she'll tell me not to let it go to my head! But, she painted it FOR ME! FOR ME! Is that a friend, or what? Notice the little petal that just now floated down onto the table! Thank you Betsy...I will treasure this forever!

The Rockin Girl Blogger Award on the sidebar came from Violette. This is just my lucky day!

Notice the World United Bloggers Logo.....more about that later. It's a GOOD thing!


A painting for a lazy day. I could just untie this little boat, lay back and watch the clouds, and drift with the tide for a few hours. Listen closely and you can hear the waves lapping gently against the sides of the boat, the gulls laughing above. Feel the warm, balmy breeze gently washing over your face. Let your body move with the motion of the waves, and your fingers pull through the cool, refreshing water. Close your eyes, and allow time to disappear.


Thanks everyone for the kind comments about the Fire Goddess and her Firedog. I was inspired to do this by Ninnie's (sidebar link) June post about her Summer Solstice personal fires. If you check back there, you can certainly see the resemblance. One can draw inspiration from most anywhere, if you just look deeply into something; clouds, trees, and especially a fire! I saw a goddess spirit there, other people saw eagles, fairies, and other objects. How very special is our imagination!
Here are a couple more Good Luck Dolls I made trying to use up the "stuff" I have laying around. The rose petal one on the left was the first, which I posted a few days ago, but the other two are her new "good luck sisters". I haven't even made a small dent in the fabric and other ephemera I'm trying to use up. I think I have 50 million sequins and 20 million beads, plus loads of other stuff. I would have to make 500 dolls! They are really kind of silly looking, with nothing really matching. Kind of like those junk mail 4x4's some of us did awhile ago. I mean, not that anyone's art was silly looking, but, well, you know what I'm saying! And here's a horrible thought! What if I couldn't buy any more art supplies until I used up what I already have? OMG! And now..........I have all these dolls standing around, and more to come!

I decided to go ahead and risk the Voodoo Spirits and gussie up my JuJu doll. She just wasn't very attractive, and certainly not worthy of being in the glitter circle. Now, she has glitter all over her grubby, mossy hands, a birdhead nesting there, sequins and cabochons all over her dress, beads hanging from one hand, a small mirror and shells around her feet, and one golden earring. I think she looks a lot more like a glitter girl now and hopefully the Voodoo Queen will approve!


I also received my prize-winning car from Dr. John, and trying to decide if I want to glitz it up. It's already a very fine car, but...well, you know, it isn't ARTZY!!!


Fire Goddess with Firedog


A "just because" bouquet I received, and posted because they are so lovely. More pale yellow than the photo shows. I have never had nor seen Spider Mums before. Such a delicate flower.
I just wanted to briefly mention Doug Marlette, the cartoonist. He spent some of his growing up years in a small Florida town, so that may be one reason I became aware of him many years ago. (I used to want to be a cartoonist!) Any political beliefs aside, I feel the U.S. and possibly the world, has lost a great artist with his passing. If you remember the cartoon many, many papers carried in their editorial pages right after nine-eleven (and it hit the email circuit also) of the simple drawing of the crying eagle, that was Marlette!

I sure hope I can get some art done today. I dunno. Maybe a slump here!


I found out I don't have to work tomorrow...YES!!! so I'm baaaaack!

I had to post this. It's a card I got in the mail from Savanna (most of you know who she is). A sympathy card she made. Top photo is back and front, next photo is both sides of inside. It is so very precious, I cannot even express how heartfelt this is and how much I am touched by it! A child like this is certainly a wonderful reflection of those raising her! This is something I will treasure forever!

The other picture is an ATC I received at the same time from Mz. Ninnie. It's all glittery with angelina fibers. I am so pleased with it, but I hafta say, Mz. Ninnie, that your wonderful artwork pales in comparison to the angelic work of that little lady! :)

Goodbye Ladybird - Wildflower Lover

America could use more classy ladies like you!

Today errands, Tomorow work, Friday work, this weekend art, I hope! See you then.

Hmmmmmmm, I have a lotto ticket I haven't checked yet! :)


This is the reason for my "powerful discontent". I really dislike this painting. I didn't realize how much I was going to dislike it while I was doing it. First, it's watercolor and I just don't appreciate working with watercolor, although I keep trying and trying and I can't figure out why! I enjoy watercolor when I do something small, like 4 x 4 or 6 x 6, but anything bigger just does not make me happy. And the "wait" time for drying layers drives me nuts! I'm too impatient. It would have looked much better in brilliant acrylics. Don't get me wrong; I love soft watercolor paintings. But it seems only when someone else does them, not me! Not only that, but it's too "spread out" and the words I printed look awful. The words were the main reason for the painting. It says "With silent dedication, follow your own special star path. Experience - discover - and understand your elusive self." I think to salvage it I will have to cut it out, rearrange it, and make a collage. Geesh! I hate doing things twice! When I get the collage done, I'll post it again for a comparison.


This (below) I painted on a straw purse I got at a second hand/antique store last summer. I don't think it has ever been used. I've been waiting to figure out something to do with it. At first I was going to embellish with 3D items, but the other day I decided on paint. I used acrylic, then sparkle mod-podged it, then a light spray with clear acrylic. I think it turned out pretty good. What do you think? I do appreciate honest critiques!


I am making some "Good Luck" dolls. They are dolls made with stuff I have just lying around and need to do something with. I made three polymer clay heads, glued them to Cassia sticks, and this is the first finished Good Luck Doll. She is made with raffia for her body, her skirt is rose petals glued one by one (thanks Redhead), and her white top is some of that sparkling yarn I needed to find a use for. (I have MORE...sigh..) She has a little tag about good luck. I'll be making more of these with different "stuff".

But today I have to go to the dentist! Aaaiiiieeeeeee!!!!!


This is an AP photo I got from the local paper. In Mexico City, they are celebrating Frida Kahlo's birthday. She would be 100 years old. These ladies did a pretty good dress-up job I think. The post office has Frida stamps out, I've seen them stuck on machines there, but they never seem to have them. I've tried two locations, and I am NOT going downtown to the main post office. Uh Uh. No way. Frida would not wish that on me.
So, Happy Birthday Frida. You left the world some wonderful art!

OK OK, the new car! If you look on my sidebar and see Dr. John in the link list, go to his blog (The Fortress), the FRIDAY post, and you will see a picture of my new car that I won. I am so excited and lucky! It's true! I really did win a car!

Honest! No joke! I did!

I'M A WINNER!!!!!!!!

I WON A CAR!!!!!
I WON A C A R!!!
THIS POST WILL CONTINUE........................... I'm so excited!!!


This is my hero! This morning we had a bathroom leak, and before we knew it, the leak had traveled from the bathroom, through the laundry room, through the kitchen, and almost to the dining room door. Ms. Wee, who resides in a special corner in the kitchen near the dining room door, began screaming like a banshee as soon as she saw it. Not knowing what was wrong (I was at work) DH ran to see why she was screaming. And there was the leak. She saved our carpet, and who knows what other damage. It took hours and hours to clean up. But my sweet baby got lotsa loving and an extra pistaccio for her warning! UGOGIRL!

Now for another story that really has me fuming, and this just happened a few minutes ago! I belong to an on line group of bird owners and when anyone has a problem they ask for help, and someone with the same kind of bird is always willing to provide friendly help and advice. But this time, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, a DUMB lady wanted to know why her blue and gold macaw was plucking, and had ALREADY plucked all of his gold chest feathers and was starting on the blue ones. She said she called a vet that does house calls but he had not shown up yet. WHAT???? House calls? Already plucked all the gold? What is WRONG with this woman, that she would let this go so long before she tried to get help, before she even called a vet, and perhaps not even an AVIAN vet! She said a friend told her to spray the bird with something that tastes bad but that didn't work! WHAT??? I asked her how she would feel if someone sprayed her with a foul tasting liquid if SHE had a nervous problem! Then she said she was afraid of the bird. WHAT? She won't touch it because she is afraid of it?? WHY does she have it? Well, I told her to find a certified AVIAN vet, told her the name of the drug that can help if it isn't too late, and then asked her why she waited so long to seek help, that it may already be too late if the bird has already destroyed the feather cells beneath the skin. Then I told her she needed to find a rescue place for this poor creature, because she was not qualified to take care of this bird. Yeah, I did that. I was not nice to her. But nice doesn't save animals that are living with people that don't know how to care for them, and wait til the damage is done before they ask for help. And if those of us who care don't stick up for them, who will? I'm trying to cool down! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


Ok, Ok, here I go on my soapbox again. It's just that I see so many people showing pictures of veterans graveyards, and troop activity, and that sort of thing. Please don't get me wrong. I pray for our troops all the time. I want them home! I feel for the families who have to visit gravesites of downed soldiers. I truly appreciate all that these wonderful troops have done and still do for our continued freedom, and the freedom of others they are asked to defend. But today is not Memorial Day. Today is not Veterans Day. Today is INDEPENDENCE DAY. And it isn't just a day where we eat backyard burgers and set off fireworks for the fun of it. It's a day when we celebrate our roots, when we should also remember our founding fathers, and remember how this great country got it's start.

Before we were a totally free country, we were part of the British Empire, occupied by British troops, paying our tax monies to the British Government. (I love all you UK friends of mine-don't forget that! This is merely a sort of history lesson!). So the Colonies revolted and started a war for our Independence. The American Colonies wanted freedom so bad they even got the French to help us defeat the Brits. It was called the Revolutionary War. Remember your history lessons?

So, while we are out there exploding all the brightly colored SKY ART and eating our ribs and burgers and having fun, and thinking how much we want all our troops home, let's try to remember our roots, and think a little about our founding fathers. I for one am grateful to those Colonists who, over 200 years ago, wanted their freedom. Because they passed it down to me.


.....and it's POURING down rain here!!!!! :)


VOODOO! WHO DO?? YOU DO!! This is the voodoo doll DH brought me back from New Orleans. It has GOOD voodoo vibes tho! I am supposed to place it anywhere I need protection from negativity and evil. And it smells good. It's really kewl...that green is glitter, and the other colors are neon. The stuffing is moss. Hope it doesn't have chiggers! I think it looks a bit like Edvard Munch's PRIMAL SCREAM! I'm not sure I can resist doing a little more embellishment! Don't you think it needs a bit more glitter, and some beads?? Would it change the vibes if I altered it?

Last week when I was feeling so anxious and funky, this may have been the reason. You think??
The pics were taken in my yard. I felt like I could reach up and touch these huge thunderheads. The lightening was pretty bad but I didn't stick around for pictures of that!



Insight: The power or act of seeing intuitively into the inner nature of a situation.

I have been floundering a bit in my life, wondering why I am even here, what purpose could I possibly have, why even bother? In my mind-wandering search, yesterday I somehow was led to purchase a set of Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards and this morning gave myself a reading. I was amazed, astounded, excited, and I think my jaw was touching the floor! It was so true-to-life (and how could that even be??) that I wanted to share my reading here with any of you who may be interested, who may believe, who may need guidance, who just want some entertaining reading with your morning java. Whatever the reason, if you read to the end (I am not noted for LONG posts!) know that I appreciate you. And if not, enjoy the wonderful artwork at least. And if you want to know anything about the artwork, just ask. I have a resource of names and websites for these original lovely paintings.

How it works: After consecrating the cards and making them totally "my own", I shuffled them and laid out three cards, left - middle - right. This is my reading:
VESTA, a Roman goddess of home and hearth. VESTA was my first (left) card and speaks of IMMEDIATE PAST. The card states "Your household situation is improving, ...........through a healthy change in the occupants". Conclusion: There has been a wedge in my household for many years which I will not detail here except to say that it has kept me very unhappy for literally years and caused me to simply "go nowhere" with life. Several weeks ago, this wedge disappeared. Overnight! And a healthy life outlook took its place. I am slowly repairing. Perhaps VESTA, who is credited with bringing warmth to households, both as temperature and emotion, is now here to look over us. I so welcome her into my life!

SULIS, a Celtic sun goddess who oversees bodies of water associated with healing. SULIS was my middle card and speaks of CURRENT SITUATIONS. The message is to spend time near water, etc. to recharge your batteries. Conclusion: I have been thinking of water - walking on the beach, visualizing a river or rocky stream. I need to be near water. Water always recharges me - I knew that. I've always known that! Why haven't I already done it? Perhaps I needed SULIS to give me a push. I will now.

YEMANYA, an African and Brazilian goddess credited with creating the sea. A protector, supplier, and one who grants wishes. YEMANYA was my final card, to the right of my reading. She represents GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY and advises the reader to walk through the important doors opening right now! This card speaks of INSIGHT INTO FUTURE OUTCOME. Conclusion: I have been thinking of two major projects in my life lately. One, writing a book of short stories, which I have already started. I get lax, but now realize I must make time each day to work on this. And two, making a set of artistic goddess cards (I believe I was led to purchase these by the Law of Attraction). Only mine would be original "deck of cards" size so one could carry them in a pocket or purse so they can be taken out no matter where you are and get an instant "consultation" with your own inner spirit. Not so much to be used for a "reading", but rather to be able to look within yourself when you need uplifting, because the cards would all have positive thoughts or source-identified positive quotes. THIS IS THE REASON I HAVE BEEN RECENTLY DOING SOME GODDESS PAINTINGS. I HAVE BEEN FEELING OUT MY INTEREST, SO TO SPEAK, AND IT HOLDS.

And thus a new month, a new beginning, an inner search brought to a close.