I never thought going on vacation would cause me to make a connection between 2007 and 1860. It isn't a thousand year millennium connection, but it's in the range. Here's some food for thought:

On August 4 2007 the explorer Phoenix blasted off for Mars. Who knows what information it will send back that may tell us of things that happened in that thousand year period, or even the future? Or, current information we are as yet unaware of.

And just a few days later, I was able to unexpectedly visit a pioneer graveyard some 2000 miles from my home, with unkempt headstones and many unmarked graves. From the 1860's. What stories could these stones tell if only they could talk? And oh my, how far we have come since then. From indian arrows to Mars landings. From the past to the future, all in three weeks.

The Phoenix that blasted off Aug. 4 for Mars. (NASA photo)
The vapor trail from the rocket blast left over the Tampa skyline which I captured during my very early morning trek to the airport. I saw the rocket go up too, which is amazing in itself since I live some 400 miles across the state from the cape. But it lights up the entire eastern sky. I was standing in the front yard in my pj's to watch it, with NO camera in hand. DUH! Oh well, it isn't exactly new stuff these days! But I was delighted to photo the vapor trail lingering around some 30 minutes later. The moon is in there also.

During my visit to Carson City, Nevada, an amazing and wonderful little town full of historical victorian homes and a beautiful governor's mansion, I ventured upon a pioneer graveyard on one of my morning hikes.

The tiny, unkempt pioneer graveyard on the mountainside.
ATV trail leading to pioneer graveyard on the mountain, the way unmarked but for the plaque on the cross. A smaller foot trail winds alongside this atv road and goes directly through the graveyard.

oops sorry about the double pic. I can't figure out how to delete just one without deleting the entire page!

cross carved from stone

What caused the death of this 3 year old pioneer baby named ...n Ronin? The harshness of pioneer life? A peyute arrow? Who was f/c? Was he or she loved only a little, that no one took the time to carve the entire name in the rock? Yes, food for thought. And a vacation experience I won't soon forget.

On a lighter note - while I was away I checked my email and was delighted to find I had won an honorable mention for my poetry submission to ARTELLA, picked by public vote. Here is the poem:


A flame within my soul burns high
A fire that stubbornly will not die
A searing coal...NOW HEED THIS CRY
It's name.......BLACK JEALOUSY!

It winds around my innter 'one'
And blocks the warmth of healing sun
Clutches my heart and helps me none
Forces me to turn and run
Why can it not be over and done?...

Oh Lord, I beg...release me now
Relieve the pain and show me how
To Free my soul again....I vow

Alas! I cannot turn and fight
I am a coward, this is my blight
I cannot see the peaceful light
I live within the strangling night
And terrors hover just out of sight
And though I try with all my might
I cannot rise above the height

Nope, it isn't representative of me! Just my writing.

The Little Art Room will remain closed for awhile longer - for Artsy things at least - while I clear some dark cobwebs from my muddled brain. There is no color in my spirit just now. But it will return. It always does.