The moon at 5:13 a.m. today, beginning to lower over the Gulf of Mexico in Florida.
Think of the stillness, the total quiet in the cool early morning air.
No birds yet winging or calling, except the silent-winged owl going home,
no traffic on this Sunday morning,
no barking dogs.
Only the sound of my bare footsteps echoing softly in the crisp, dewy grass.
Close your eyes for a brief time and search deeply into your soul.
Find a moment of peace.
Enjoy your day!

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I came upon a large conch shell as I walked along the shore at sunset.
The gentle waves lapped at the edges of the wonderous pink and white shape,
rolling and pushing at this marvelous crustaceous covering,
foamy bubbles washing in and out of the mysterious opening.
I pondered, in my small way, what miracle had taken place
to mold and shape this spectacular beauty.
And why is it here, washed up on this lonely shore.
Is it because it has outlived its usefulness?
Is this out of the way beach its final resting place,
to become dried by the blazing sun that would soak up it's brilliant, wet shine
and leave it dull and uninteresting,
with no one to give it a glance as they walked by?
Or could it have been pushed here accidentally in the fury of a passing storm,
by waves that tossed it over and over in the silt of the ocean bottom
until it settled finally here at my feet.
And then I saw a rising, sparkly wave, collared in white foam,
reach greedily for the large shell and roll it easily back into the blue-green water.
The shell tossed and turned in the wave,
pulled by the tide,
sucked into the sand.
And after a short time,
it disappeared into the mysterious depths of the sea.
Was it still needed somewhere, I wondered?
A shelter for a delicate sea creature?
Was it perhaps a mermaid's home?


She doesn't have a reason for being, really. She's just amusement. I enjoyed my time creating her. She has no name. She is just a little bit watercolor, a little bit pastel, a little bit collage, a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll!


I really, really like glass, and especially decorative clear glass that has some kind of "texture" inside it, like bubbles, or the etched macaws below.

And...I think crystal bottles are beautiful. These are perfume bottles that belonged to my mother-in-law. I think they are pretty old.

And I love diamonds. What girl doesn't? WHAT?? You are asking if this is REAL????? Puhleeeeeze. Would I display a fake?? OK, so it has a couple of flaws!

A little glass fish that I've had a long, long time. The bubbles inside him just seem like they belong there.

Now here is the wierd thing. This is my "crystal ball" I love it. It's ordinary, I know. But I love it just the same. I took a picture of it in the sun, and I thought it would be cute if I went in the house and got a couple of my Goddess Guidance Oracle cards, placed them behind it, and it would look like a "reading" was taking place. As I was walking away from it, I smelled something burning. I thought....geesh, it's 80 degrees and there is a ban on burning, who in the heck is burning a fire?

Oh my gosh, you see that bright spot just to the left of the crystal ball?

It was burning! In about 2 minutes or less, while I was taking this picture, the sun magnified thru the glass and started burning the black cloth I was using as a background. LOL LOOKEE!!!

Lucky I didn't go into the house to search for my Goddess cards, or the Fire Department would be here now.

Welp, that was my exciting morning. What was yours?????


There are times in life when I don't do so well. I appear to be upbeat all the time, but inside I cry, as do many other people I'm sure. I try to be positive at all times, but "all times" is totally impossible, and whenever I might get a bit "down", it seems there is always something to lift me up, if I search for it. Or perhaps I may come across it accidentally. Or, perhaps I was searching unconsciously, and that is the "accident" I come across.

Although I am not especially a religious person, today I was doing some early morning channel flipping, and came across a TV evangelist who, along with his wife, was preaching "The Secret". Not the popular best-seller book as we know it, but the same idea only from the other book, the Bible. They spoke about thinking positive, and about thinking about what you WANT, and not about what you DON"T WANT, so that it will come to you. I don't especially mean just material things, but spiritual and emotional as well. Of course, most of us know that secret already, and know that it works if one is consistent with the WANT, or GOOD thoughts. It's just that sometimes we get lost in daily "things" and forget to think the positive way. I do. So today I'm back on the positive track, and I do feel much better already. If you have been down lately, I hope you can get your spirit uplifted in some way, to help you along life's rocky road and get yourself back on the positive track.

I did light a candle yesterday, and said a small prayer for all my glitter fristers.

Above is a small glittery wall hanging gifted to me by Oceandreamer. It came at a time when I didn't especially "need" it, and although I truly appreciated it as a gift, it sat around awhile. Yesterday I "needed" it, and I decided to put some bling on it (it was all white glitter), and now I'm going to either hang it here at home or take it to work and hang it near my desk, to help me remember that life, even though it deals a bad hand at times, really is GOOD!

Today, I'm off to fill two shoe boxes with items to give to a person I know who is affiliated with the Bethlehem Centre, and is collecting these filled boxes for abused and neglected children who have been taken into protective custody. And I will feel uplifted about that, too! Life really is good!




Christmas lights are everywhere already! Friday at work we will be putting up a tree - - this early because we close December 15 for the holidays. We have asked for volunteers among our members and instructors to paint a box or two of clear glass ornaments to put on the tree. We'll be selling them as a fund raiser. These four are my contribution.

They are painted simply with acrylic and sprayed with Krylon, with a little added glitz and glitter. I did not use glass paints because I didn't want that transparent look. The inside was poured with liquid acrylic to achieve the solid color background. It was tedious and I'm glad they are done, but I'm happy with the way they turned out. I also attached a little bling to each one for added fun. The helmet is paper, mirrored on both sides, glued to bristol to make it stronger, then sealed with sparkle mod podge.

I'll be back in a few days. Be happy everyone!


The sun has disappeared over the Gulf,
over the fence,
and my yard becomes quiet,
no birds chattering their satisfied good nights to each other,
no rustling lizards run for cover under the leaves and mulch,
only a slight, cooling breeze
swishing softly, gently, through palm fronds and jasmine leaves,
barely a whisper.
There is a moment or two,
exactly at dusk,
when all seems to become quiet and peaceful,
even the distant vehicle rumble calms,
neighbors night murmurs are in limbo,
daily activity of human
and animal
and mechanical
and nature
wind down to a mere exhale.
It's a brief moment of Peace
before the night sounds begin.

Dusk using the flash


Whew! I'm sure glad Halloweenie is over. I was starting to scare myself! And eat TOO MUCH kiddy candy!

Back to some art stuff. Below is a small (6x9) watercolor painting I am submitting to the Peace Project Mother Henna is having on her blog. If you are interested in submitting something, please visit her at It doesn't have to be a painting. It can be a doll, a photo, most anything you want that you feel represents your idea of PEACE. And you don't submit the actual item. Just the image. Check it out. I think you'll be happy you did.

Title: The Goddess of Peace with her Messengers